MINUTES – Regular Meeting – January 18, 2024

The meeting was called to order by President Greg Taylor at 4:02PM at the Cemetery Office.  Also present were Trustees, Bill Morris, Lisa Hammond and Lynda Edmonds, Manager Logan Marlow, Office Manager, Rosa Stehly and Accountant Steve McFadden.



MANAGER’S REPORT – Logan reported new guidelines were in place for casket and cremation burials. If we downsize our fuel containers to a maximum of 50 gallons we will not have to do a CERS report and he and Rosa have been correcting records through probing and headstone placement.

Landscape report  Jamie was absent and no report received.  He emailed a proposal for the trimming of trees and after some discussion this project is put on hold for now.

MINUTES – The minutes of the previous meeting of November 13, 2023 were not received by the board members due to a glitch in the secretary’s computer and will be approved at the next meeting.

FINANCIAL REPORT – Received and reviewed for the Board by Steve.  Bill moved the Financial Report be filed, Lisa made the second and the motion passed.


  1.  Signage – All signs are in place
  2. Containers – Greg presented a list of containers and pricing. Bill moved we spend no more than $1600 for a container. Lisa made the 2nd and the motion passed.
  3. Update on Sept. 8th incident – Rosa reported we have to received any more correspondence.
  4. Marking Sections and Rows on curbs – Lisa reported it was too windy the day the volunteers from Fillmore Rotary were at the cemetery and they cleaned around headstones.
  5. Road maintenance- Greg will see if we can get a price and rep9rt at next meeting.


  1.  Grave sleeve – Logan reported the rental of a sleeve for 1 week is $482.40 and to purchase is $23,626.  Bill made the motion to rent for one week for the next burial to see if this fits our purpose before we spend the money to purchase.  Lisa made the 2nd and the motion passed.
  2. Memorial Day – Lynda asked everyone to be thinking of a speaker as our next meeting is in March which is only 2 months before Memorial Day.


Board member – A new board member is needed and some names were suggested and Lynda will make contact to see if any are interested.

Vault – A family ordered  and paid for a Monticello cremation vault from a funeral home.  This vault could not be used due to the size and is in our posesion as it was delivered to he cemetery.  It is brand new and the mortuary who sold it to them refuses to take it back and wants us to reimburse the family as they state it is our fault the family could to use it.  There was included an $800 delivery fee from Camarillo. We will contact the Cemetery Association for guidance.

EXECUTIVE SESSION – There was a brief executive session to discuss personnel.

There being no further business the meetingwas adjourned at 5:30PM until March 18, 2024.


Lynda Edmonds, Secretary

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