The meeting was called to order at 4:10PM at the Cemetery.

Present were Trustees Lani Farr, Lisa Hammond and Lynda Edmonds.  Also present were Manager, Doug Basolo, Assistant Manager, Logan Marlow,Jamie Alamillo from Alamillo Landscape, Accountant, Steve McFadden and community member, Marjie Bartels.  In the absence of the President,Kate Gavlak and Vice-President, Rita Rudkin Lani Farr was nominated to chair the meeting as there was a quorum present to conduct business.

PUBLIC COMMENT – Marjie Bartels introduced herself and had some questions for the Board.  She asked why the Financial Statement was not published on the website.  The answer was this was not Board policy but the Financial Statement is available for anyone to come to the office and review.  The option putting it on the website will be looked into.  She felt our website needed improvement.  She also questioned our tax situation and our accountant replied we were a government agency and do not file income taxes however we do pay payroll and sales taxes.  She asked if we belonged to California Special Districts as we could receive funds due to the pandemic.  It was explained that we were one of the few businesses who unfortunately made money because of the pandemic and we would not qualify.  Marjie also suggested writing letters to families of loved ones buried in Bardsdale to ask for donations.  She remarked on our Memorial Day service and why it wasn’t on the website and was told it was in the paper and on social media.  Lynda said the fact it wasn’t on the website was her fault but felt more people would see it on social media. She also felt it inappropriate for music during the reading of the names of the fallen.  The Board while they heard positive comments about the music that was the one negative and assured her it would not happen again.

MANAGER’S REPORT – Doug reported the golf cart had new batteries ($800) so was usable again.  HJe had heard more positive than negative comments about Memorial Day.  He still has not received a response from the salesman he talked to regarding the Niche wall and will try and contact him again.  He also stated we still need a new tent and had researched the cost.

LANDSCAPE REPORT – Jamie said the dry areas will be reseeded this week.  The grass is growing rapidly due to the fertilizer and it has been hard to keep up with the headstones,  Lani asked him about the mowing schedule and he stated the West side of the cemetery (from the niche wall down) is done on Tuesdays and the east side on Thursdays and of course this sometimes changes due to funerals.

MINUTES – Lisa moved the minutes of the previous meeting on May 17, 2021 be approved as presented.  Lani made the 2nd and the motion passed.

FINANCIAL REPORT – The Financial Report was accepted and filed.


  1. Memorial Day – in reviewing Memorial Day again the only negative complaint was music during the reading of the names of the fallen but the music was enjoyed by all during the rest of the program.  Lynda stated this year’s program was put together on short notice and hopefully with Covid being behind us we can start looking for a speaker for next year and have a bigger and better planned Memorial Day service.
  2. Audit – We have received some questions from the Auditor and Steve is sending the requested information.
  3.   Office – tabled until next meeting due to the absence of Kate & Rita.



OTHER – The new tent was discussed, this had been brought up before and tabled.  There have been inquiries to the Manager and Board members regarding why one was not available,  Doug reported the total cost of a new tent with our name on it, a tow bar and chair covers to match would be right at $7,000 with a five year warranty,  Lani moved to go ahead and purchase a new tent, Lisa made the second and the motion passed.  There was then a discussion regarding the choice between green and the burgundy color we had before and burgundy was the decision.  There was also concern regarding keeping it covered when not in use,  The tent does not fold up so Doug and Logan will come up with some sort of cover.

EXECUTIVE SESSION – The Board went into executive session at 5:14 to discuss a few items with personnel.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 5:267 until August 16, 2021.


Lynda Edmonds, Secretary

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