The meeting was called to order by President Greg Taylor at 4:04PM at the Cemetery office.

Also present were Trustees Bill Morris, Lisa Hammond and Lynda Edmonds, Manager, Logan Marlow, Office Manager Rosa Stehly and community member Julie Aroyo.


MANAGER’S REPORT – Logan asked that the internet billing be transferred to the Cemetery in light of his leaving.  He reported that the trench box we rented for trial with preventing grave collapse while digging did not work due to equipment limitations. He & Rosa have made new interment sheets so that we can keep better records.  There was also a question of Next of Kin regarding who owns plots as there are plots shown as empty with no reservation but family members claiming ownership.  The board suggested that be specified on the new forms.

LANDSCAPE REPORT – Jamie was absent and emailed his report.  He stated all zones were finally caught up but had been a challenge with the rains and breakdowns the mowers.  The gophers have been very active with the rains but the rye seed and fertilizer have worked well with the rains.

FINANCIAL REPORT – Bill made the motion to accept for filing. Lisa made the second and motion passed.

MINUTES – The minutes of the previous meetings of January 15, 2024 and November 13,, 2023 in addition to the Emergency meeting of March 4, 2024 had been emailed and copies present for the meeting.  Bill moved they all be approved and accepted, Lisa made the second and the motion passed.


  1.  Container – We should have a container delivered in the next week or so and then items in the garage can be transferred in preparation of removing the garage.
  2. Memorial Day – Lynda reported she has obtained a speaker and plans are progressing.  Our next meeting is one week before Memorial Day.
  3. Grave sleeve – As stated in Manager’s Report did not work and we will look for another alternative.
  4. Work Day – The Rotary asset April 13th as their next volunteer work day.
  5.  Road Maintenance – Greg will get bids for repairs.


  1.  Charge for extras – In checking with other cemeteries they are charging for extras such as chairs, tents, etc,  After discussion Bill moved we charge $100             extra for the tent and extra chairs and $25 for the portable PA.  Lisa made the 2nd and the motion passed.  This will be effective April 1, 2024.

2.  Expansion – Logan reported we need to look into developing another section in the next few years,  There are approximately 300 graves left in the

developed areas.

OTHER – None

EXECUTIVE SESSION – There was a brief executive session to discuss employment .


Lynda Edmonds, Secretary

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