The meeting was called to order by President Greg Taylor at 4:03 PM at the Cemetery office.

Also present were Trustees Bill Morris, Lisa Hammond and Lynda Edmonds, Manager Logan Marlow and Jamie Alamillo from Alamillo Landscape.  Aileen Wokal, community member whose appointment to the board is forthcoming also attended.

PUBLIC COMMENT – None. Lisa mentioned there had been a problem with a border of a headstone painted and it was a family dispute.

MANAGER’S REPORT – Logan reported tings running smoothly but someone is needed to close the gate in the evenings.  Lynda said she would be able to do it.

LANDSCAPE REPORT – Jamie reported the perimeters are sprayed along the South wall.  He stated the grass is growing rapidly and with the mowing schedule of Tuesday and Thursday it is 6 days before each section is mowed.  He assured the Board it will be in shape for Memorial Day.

FINANCIAL REPORT – Bill made the motion to accept the Financial Report for filing. Lisa made the second and the motion passed.

MINUTES – The minutes of the previous meeting of March 18, 2024 had been emailed and a copy is present for the meeting.  Bill Morris moved they be accepted, Lisa Hammond made the second and the motion passed.


  1.  Memorial Day – Lynda reported all participants have been contacted and asked the Board to arrive at 10AM for the 11AM service.
  2.  Fence – The new privacy screen has been installed along the driveway.
  3.  Vault issue – Letter sent and no response to date.
  4.  Sept. 8th issue.  Lynda contacted insurance and has had no response.


  1. House – Greg reported it needs painting inside and new windows are needed for the living room along with a new front door.  Work on this will begin soon.
  2. Gate – The gate in th middle of the fence by the roses needs repair.  Logan will see about getting this done.
  3. Pump – The water pump went out soon the irrigation system and has been fixed and a shutoff valve installed.
  4. Insurance -Lynda reported we received a letter from our insurance broker for many years the they are now focusing on medium and large markets and we need to find a new broker.  She contacted the agent who handled our account for many years and has moved to another agency.  He will be able to provide our insurance and the paperwork is being signed for transfer.
  5. Money Market & credit card – Lynda has looked into a credit card for the cemetery for incidental expenses as she has been using hers for the website, etc. and being reimbursed.  Because we are a public entity only certain institutions will handle this,  She has been in contact with 5 Star Bank in Roseville who will issue the cemetery a credit card in exchange for a deposit to their bank into a liquid money market with prevailing CD interest,  Bill moved we proceed with this and we add a percentage of our quarterly nt profit to this account for future projects.  Lisa made the second and the motion passed.

OTHER –  Aileen Wokal whose application for board member is with the Supervisor’s office is scheduled to be appointed to the Board on May 21st.


There being no further business the meting was adjourned at 5:00 PM until July 15,, 2024.


Lynda Edmonds, Secretary


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