Frequently Asked Questions

It changes, but as of June 20, 2022, there are 5,322 parcels. 42 of those parcels are valued under $5,000 and pay no assessment.

The current assessment is $5 per parcel per year. This assessment has been in effect since it was established in 1981.

A parcel is any piece of real property which may be an agricultural piece of land, a home parcel, or a parcel with a multiple dwelling or dwellings.

It takes a 60 percent vote of the voters in the district to approve. When a survey was sent out, there was a negative response to this. It also costs money to put this on the ballot.

The size of the cemetery is approximately 15 acres. There are 12.5 acres under grass and the balance is undeveloped. It has more than doubled in size under grass since the $5 fee was established and tripled in grave sites.

It costs approximately $15,000 per month to run the cemetery.

There are two part times employees that work Tuesday through Friday for four hours per day. There is also a landscape contractor who works on Tuesday and Thursday as well as an additional four hours (recently added) for trimming around the head stones.

It is more economical to hire a landscape contractor. A commercial lawnmower costs in excess of $20,000 and there is additional ongoing cost for repairs and maintenance. Additional employees also require employer taxes, workers comp, and insurance.

Each individual family is responsible for the care of the headstones. Regular cleaning is recommended due to the hard water buildup from the sprinklers. What may look like marks on a headstone, particularly the dark ones is a calcium buildup. This may be caused by grass laying on the headstone. The weed eaters only go around the edge of the headstone.

Headstones are trimmed by sections on a rotating schedule each week. With fertilizing and watering the grass grows rapidly and by the time the round of sections is completed there is much growth. Not all of the headstones will look like they have just been trimmed at the same time. You may come one time and find grass grown over a headstone and the next time it may be neatly trimmed. It depends on the schedule.

We are in the middle of an agricultural area and there are orchards all around us. The gophers, squirrels, and rabbits are inevitable. There is a gopher company who comes once a week to help with the control. The cost is $275 per week.

No raised decorations, except natural and artificial flowers. This ban includes, but not limited to, balloons, pinwheels, candles, statues and crosses. However, two (2) balloons will be allowed on the following days: All Saints Day, Deceased birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter, and the anniversary of the person’s death. The balloons must be made of latex and no Mylar balloons will be allowed for safety concerns. The balloons must be secured in such a manner that they will not come loose and no more than 18 inches in height including the string. No more than two (2) balloons are allowed. No glass bottles, food or alcohol.  Any items not meeting this requirements will be discarded. Items are not allowed on the trees and bushes and will be immediately removed.

Flowers are picked up every Wednesday. Artificial flowers are treated as fresh flowers.

April through October (8:00AM – 7:30PM)
November through March (8:00AM – 5:30PM)

Yes, through the cemetery office for $20. However, the cemetery is not responsible if it is removed by others from your grave site which unfortunately does happen. A simple plastic cup placed below grass level is a suggestion.

Pets are allowed, but only on a leash and you must clean up after your pet.

Baby Marker 14″ x 14″
Single Marker 16″ x 28″
Double Marker 16″ x 40″
These are available from Santa Barbara monument and while all efforts are taken to protect markers, Bardsdale Cemetery disclaims responsibility for damage.

No loud music is allowed so that others are not disturbed while visiting their loved ones. A maximum of 4 songs during a funeral service.