MINUTES – Regular Meeting – March 21, 2022

The meeting was called to order by President Lani Farr at 4:09 PM at the Cemetery.

Also present were Trustees, Lisa Hammond, Lynda Edmonds and Greg Taylor.  Absent was Trustee Bill Morris.  Also present were Manager, Doug Basolo, Manuel Minjares from Supervisor Long’s office and attendees from the public, Monica Orozco from Piru and Marjie Bartels from Bardsdale.

PUBLIC COMMENT – Marjie asked about the fence and Greg explained the fence in front of the cemetery needs some repair before it can be repainted.  She questioned why this was a priority over fixing the bathrooms so that people would not have house the portable bathrooms. It was explained that restoring the bathrooms would be very costly.

MANAGER’S REPORT – Doug reported everything going well but we need to invest in a new printer for the office.

LANDSCAPE REPORT – Jaime was unable to attend the meeting but sent an email to Lynda which she read to the Board which stated they would be fertilizing the first week of April and it would be done in 4 sections in order for water to bet on each fertilized section for a week straight.  Also they will be fixing the headstones first working in the area of the Memorial Day service and then working on the others.  With the irrigation lines repaired they will now be continuing to put sod on the new graves.  The water leaks have been repaired and if the Board would like they will replace the curbing and asphalt patch the road where needed.

MINUTES – The minutes of the previous regular meeting of January 17ty, the Special Meeting of February 7th and the Emergency Meeting on February 21st had been emailed to the Board and posted on the website.  Greg moved the minutes be approved as presented, Lisa made the 2nd and the motion passed.

FINANCIAL REPORT – All board members having received and reviewed a copy of the Financial Statement Lynda moved to accept for filing, Lani made the 2nd and motion passed.


1.  OFFICE – The inside of the office is complete with a new safe and blinds have been installed.  Lynda reported we have received a bid for the outside

painting and one for outside painting and awnings.  Lisa moved to accept the bid including the awning.  Greg made the 2nd and the motion passed.

2.  MEMORIAL DAY – Plans are pretty well set and Lisa will contact Bob Thompson to see if he is available.

3.  FENCE – addressed under Public Comment


1.  RESTROOM – Lani suggested since it was brought up during Public Comment we should look into the bathroom situation.  Manuel Minjares said he would do some research for us.

OTHER – Lynda asked Doug if the needed extra help with the watering preparing for Memorial Day and at this time he doesn’t feel it is necessary.  She also brought up that Doug has been using his computer and maybe the District should look into purchasing a desktop computer.  It was decided to table this for now.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 5PM until the next regular meeting on May 16, 2022

Lynda Edmonds, Secretary

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