The meeting was called to order by President Lani Farr at 4:10 PM at the Cemetery.

Also present were Trustees Lynda Edmonds, Greg Taylor and Greg Taylor.  Lisa Hammond was absent.  In addition Manager Doug Basolo,  and Assistant Manager Logan Marlow were present.  Marjie Bartels was present from the Public.


MANAGER’S REPORT – Doug reported the gopher situation was improving, he had purchased new tires and wheels for the golf cart.  The flagpole needs a lanyard and he would like to replace the shrubs by the gas house with fence and privacy screen.

LANDSCAPE REPORT -Jamie was absent but had sent a note needs to start fertilizing.

FINANCIAL REPORT – The Financial Report is not available as our accountant is out of the office due to surgery.


  1. Columbarium – Pat Esquivel was recommended to do the foundation.  Lani and Lynda have met with him at the site and he has the plans and is ready to start.
  2. Fence – Greg reported the fence is almost done.
  3. Volunteer Day – Cancelled due to only one person called to sign up.
  4. Signs – Greg has talked to his contact but has not heard back.
  5. Fees – Lynda explained the fees of other cemeteries had been researched and suggested we raise our fees $500.  After discussion it was moved and seconded to increase the fees to $500.  After more discussion the motion was amended & seconded to include and increase in the Endowment Fee of $100.  Motion unanimously passed.  These fees will go into effect on January1, 2023.


OTHER – None

EXECUTIVE – Some problems have occurred and a Ring camera was suggested.  Bill moved to install a ring camera, Greg made the second animation passed.  Bill made a motion we do the usual for the employees for Christmas.  Greg made the second and motion passed.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 4:50PM.


Lynda Edmonds, Secretary

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