The meeting was called to order at 4:00PM.

Present were Trustees Gabe Asenas, Rita Rudkin and Lynda Edmonds.  Also present were Manuel

Minjares and Brian Miller from Supervisor Long’s office, Manager, Doug Basolo, employee Gabriel

Lopez and community members Oscar Vasquez, Gabi Sandoval and Erika Vargas.

PUBLIC COMMENT – Erika Vargas spoke to her concerns of lack of maintenance of the cemetery.

Gabe Asenas and Doug Basolo explained our financial situation.  She also had a concern of water

being available for flower containers.  Doug explained the reservoir situation and there was always water at the lower end of the cemetery.  Lynda slo suggested bringing a container of water with her.

MINUTES – The minutes of August 13 to January 28th had not been officially approved but had all been reviewed by the Board.  Rita moved to accept these minutes, Lynda made the 2nd and the motion passed.

FINANCIAL REPORT – Gabe Asenas went over the budget and explained to our visitors.  As of 1-31-19

we were a little over $47,000 in the red. Had we been able to go to the voters with our requested increase and had it passed we would be in a better financial situation.  However, there was not enough support to put on the ballot.  It was explained our $5 per parcel had been in place since 1981 with no increase and in comparison Piru’s assessment is $25 per parcel.  Also explained was the fact that the fee is per parcel and not per household.

MANAGER’S REPORT – Doug reported only one weedeater is working and we will need to get another one in preparation for Memorial Day.  The lawnmower is not in good shape and will probably cost more to repair than it is worth.  We had a returned check that had been re-issued.  Doug has signed a contract with a gopher company for 3 months.  Doug also presented a purchase contract he had developed for the Board to review.  This contract will help people to pay for services in advance.  The Board will take a look at this.


HOUSE & WATER SYSTEM – Gabe is getting a price on repairing and/or replacing the windows as some of them will not open and this would be a danger in case of a fire.

WEBSITE – Gabe and Lynda have met with Brian Kraft and the website should be up and running

March 1st and will include Minutes and Agenda.

CREDIT CARDS – credit cards and pay pal information will be on website once it is up and running.

Brian Kraft is going to help us with this.


REVISED EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK – has been submitted to the County HR Department for their review.

PROPOSED RATE CHANGE – Gabe Asenas presented a list of fees for consideration of increase of double stack.  He had comparable fees from other cemeteries.  This will be discussed at the next meeting.

NEW TRUSTEES – Manuel informed us there are 5 applicants and interviews will be held at Supervisor Long’s office on February 28th.


Many options discussed.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 5:25 until March 11, 2019 at 4PM.


Lynda Edmonds, Secretary


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