The meeting was called to order by President Lani Farr at 4:06 PM at the Cemetery.

Also present were Trustees Lynda Edmonds, Greg Taylor, Lisa Hammond and Bill Morris.  Also present was Assistant Manager Logan Marlow.  Members from the public present were Ken Farr and Marjie Bartels.


MANAGER’S REPORT – Manager Dough Basolo was absent but had emailed his report. He stated there are some problem areas with the gophers but doing better.  Two (2) projects he would like  1) He would like to remove the shrubs near the gas house and replace with fence and privacy screen and 2)We need to get going soon concrete work for new Columbarium as he has sold all the spaces in the existing Columbarium.  We need t buy 4 new tires and wheels for the golf cart.

LANDSCAPE REPORT – Jamie Alamillo was absent due to illness and also sent his report. The estimate he has received to replace a tree that lost a large limb and believed to be decaying is from $495 to $695 depending on the type of tree.  The heat spell seems to be over so will continue with sod replacement.  Edging of headstones is down to 4 weeks to make the rounds instead ov every 6.5 weeks.  Aerating in many spots needs to be done so the ground will take water better and when he gets the cost of renting the machine he will give us an estimate on cost.  We need to do another round of fertilizer no later than the end of October.

MINUTES – The minutes of the previous regular meeting of July 18th and the Special Meetings of August 4th and August 22nd had been emailed to the Board and posted on the website.  Greg moved these minutes be approved as presented, Bill made the second and the motion passed.

FINANCIAL REPORT – The Financial Report had been emailed to all Board members and is now being posted on the website.  Bill moved to accept the Financial Statement, Lisa made the second and the motion passed.


  1.  Bathroom – Lani reporter that Marjie Bartels had sent information on Green Tree for a restroom.  Lani contacted then and the base price for a pre-fab restroom delivered had a base cost of $130,000 without permits, grading, foundation, water & electricity.  She also contacted Mike Boblett of Mike’s Handyman and he presented an estimate of $180,000 without utilities and permits.  Bill stated the project could not be done without a grant due to our financial situation and should be put on the “back burner” until research can be done about a grant and he will pursue this.  Lani opened up Public Comment and Marjie asked about a single bathroom rather than a double, one for men and one for women and if the cost would be cheaper.  The answer was any new bathroom at the present time is not feasible.  Public Comment closed.
  2. Columbarium – Lynda reported the Columbariums had been ordered, deposit sent ands we need to pursue bids for the base concrete work.  Columbariums should be arriving about the middle of February.
  3. Fence – Greg reported due to the heat the painters had not gotten the painting done and he will contact them regarding a time frame for completion.
  4. Roads – The potholes in the road need to be repaired.  Greg had checked with a company to come into repair and re-slurry the roads and was given an estimate of $72,000.  Another project put off indefinitely.
  5. Website – The website has been updated with the Financial Statement and Frequently Asked Questions.  Whenever comments are made on social media a referral will be made to the website.
  6. Volunteer Day – Lani suggested putting on our website advertising a Volunteer Day on October 22nd and see what response we receive.  Those interested will be directed to call the Cemetery office number to confirm attendance.


1.  New price sheet – Doug proposed a price increase effective 1-1-23 for plots & columbarium spaces only.  Lisa suggested we research other cemeteries in

the area and do a percentage rather than an across the Board increase.  A comparison will be made and a special meeting will be held to determine the

increase.  She made this into a motion, it was seconded by Bill and passed.

2.  Cell phone & credit card – Lynda reported she had researched the phone bill which has been costing the Cemetery $266 per month for a landline.

She was able to move the landline to a cell phone for a cost of $57 per month including the phone.  She contacted the bank and is in the process of

obtaining a “square” that will attach to the cell phone and we will then bye able to accept credit cards.  This should all be completed in a couple of


3.  Rules and Regulations p The Cemetery has rules that have not been followed by the public.  Photos were presented to the Board members of items

left on headstones that are definitely against our rules and rules of all other cemeteries such as food, alcoholic beverages and glass containers which

can become a liability in addition to attracting bugs and animals.  Also people not picking up their trash.  There was much discussion and we will

put up new signs with our rules and Greg will see about getting these made.


4.  Tree Removal & Replacement – The tree in discussion under Landscape will have to be removed.

OTHER – None

The regular meeting was adjourned at 5:27PM

EXECUTIVE SESSION – The Board discussed hours, etc. with Assistant Manager, Logan Marlow.

There being no further business the Executive Session was adjourned at 5:40PM.


Lynda Edmonds, Secretary


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