Regular Meeting Minutes – May 17, 2021


The meeting was called to order at 4:02PM at the Cemetery.

Present were Trustees Kathryn Wren Gavlak, Rita Rudkin, Lisa Hammond, Lani Farr and Lynda Edmonds.  Also present were Manager Doug Basolo, Assistant Manager, Logan Marlow, Jamie Alamillo from Alamillo Landscape and Brian Miller from Supervisor Long’s office.


MANAGER’S REPORT – Doug has checked pricing on the Columbarium and the company representative will be in the area in a few weeks and will contact him.

LANDSCAPE REPORT – Jamie said he was catching up on the headstones and the grounds should be looking good for Memorial Day.

MINUTES – Rita moved the minutes of the previous meeting on April 19th be approved as presented. Lani made the second and the motion passed.

FINANCIAL REORT – The Financial Report was accepted and filed.  We are in a better position than we were last year at this time.


  1.  Memorial Day – Lynda reported Memorial Day was set to go.  Rita reported she was able to obtain a group for the music.
  2. Audit – We have received some questions from the Auditor and Steve is sending the requested information.
  3. Office – Rita contacted Jim Carricaburu to look at our site and he is going to check with the County regarding requirements.


  1.  Old backhoe – Doug stated he had someone offer $3500 for your old backhoe which needs a lot of work.  Lani asked about countering the offer.  Kate asked what we gave for our present backhoe and Doug stated $25,000.  There was much discussion and determined it would be an “as is” sale.  Lani moved to accept the $3500 for the backhoe.  Rita suggested putting out an ad to see if someone else is interested.  Kate stated we had to advertise it and to put it in  the Fillmore Gazette with a m minimum bid of $3500.

OTHER – None

EXECUTIVE – Kate said we needed a short Executive Session.  The slowness of the audit was discussed.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 4:31 until June 21, 2021.

Lynda Edmonds, Secretary

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