BOARD MINUTES – April 8, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 4PM by Gabriel Asenas.  Also present were Trustees Rita Rudkin, Kathryn Wren Gavlak and Lynda Edmonds.  In attendance also was Manuel Minjares from Supervisor Long’s office and community members Oscar Vasquez and Gabriel Lopez.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees Gabriel Asenas welcomed Kathryn Wren Gavlak  as a new member.

PUBLIC COMMENT – Oscar Vasquez inquired about the Landscape Contract which was explained by Gabriel Asenas and told him it was working out well and the Board is very happy in the improvement of the grounds.  Gabriel Lopez asked new Board member Kathryn Wren Gavlak how she heard about the Board position.  This question was deemed irrelevant.

MINUTES – Rita moved the minutes of the previous meeting be accepted as corrected.  Lynda made the second and the motion passed.

FINANCIAL – The Financial Report was not available but our income was up for March.

MANAGER’S REPORT – Doug reported that a portable toilet had been set up at the back of the cemetery in hopes it would be used instead of the adjoining orchard.


1.   HOUSE – Gabe received the figures on repairing the windows.  Six (6) windows need cord

replacement.  Villa Construction could repair & replace the two front windows.  Kathryn

moved we proceed with this.  Rita made the 2nd and the motion passed.

2.   WEBSITE –  is slow in getting on line but should be working soon.

3.   EMAIL – Lynda reported we now have an email –

4.  MEMORIAL DAY – Everyone has been contacted but we are still looking for a choir or someone to


5.   CREDIT CARD – Rita has been working with our bank to set this up to receive credit card payments.

There was much discussion and Oscar Vasquez again suggested PayPal.  He will get in touch

with Rita.


1.  LANDSCAPE CONTRACT – Gabe reported the first month was successful and would like to

extend until June 30th when we will set up next year’s Budget.  Lynda moved we keep

American Heritage Landscape until June 30th and look at it again at that time. Kathryn made the

second  and the motion passed.

2. BUDGET  2019-2020 – No action taken at this time.

EXECUTIVE SESSION – Review Employee Handbook.  Much discussion, no action taken.

ADJOURNMENT – The meeting was adjourned at 5:45 PM until May 13, 2019.

Lynda Edmonds



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