SPECIAL MEETING – August 4, 2022

The meeting was called to order at the Cemetery at 4PM by President Lani Farr.  Also present were Trustees Lynda Edmonds, Lisa Hammond, Bill Morris and Greg Taylor.

Public Comments of the July 18th meeting were reviewed by the entire Board.  There was discussion that we should pursue putting an increase of the $5 assessment on the ballot.  Bill Morris said he would contact the person at the County who he thought could help with a grant for a new bathroom.  Without a grant this project would be impossible as preliminary figures show approximately a cost of at least $160 without a foundation, utilities, septic and permit fees.

Lani and Lynda reported they had met with Doug and the representative for the Columbarium company this morning and he will get back with cost by the end of next week for additional Columbariums.  Presently there are only 2 units unsold on the one we have.  We may have to call another Special Meeting to review costs as time frame for ordering now is a January installation.

Executive – – Office hours and maintenance were discussed.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 5PM.

Lynda Edmonds, Secretary

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