The meeting was called to order at 4PM at the Edmonds barn due to inclement weather.

Present were Trustees Kathryn Gavlak, Rita Rudkin, Lisa Hammond, Lani Farr and Lynda Edmonds.  Also present were Manager Doug Basolo, Assistant Manager Logan Marlow, Accountant Steve McFadden and Jamie Alamillo of Alamillo Landscape.


MINUTES – Rita moved the minutes of the Special Meeting on November 23, 2020 be approved as presented. Lisa made the 2nd and the motion passed.

MANAGER’S REPORT – Doug reported everything going well.

LANDSCAPE REPORT – Jamie reported the application of fertilizer applied a few months ago had done some some good.  Thanks to the loan of  the Scissor Lift from Fillmore Rentals the low lying branches from the high winds had been eliminated.  The tree company removed the dead tree in the front section and the dead oak tree.  Jamie then presented his plan for fertilizing and seeding and was given the go ahead by the Board.

FINANCIAL REPORT – We are in better shape than last year at this time.


  1.  Tree Trimming and Removal covered under Landscape Report.

Audit – Steve reported he was having problems with the Auditors and will call them.  Kathryn volunteered to also reach out to them and Steve will let her know if that will be necessary.


1.  Memorial Day – We did not have a program last year due to Covid but it was the consensus of the Board that we should have a program this year with

social distancing and mask required.

2.  Office – Kathryn said the office is unacceptable and something needs to be done to make it more efficient.  Doug reported the ceiling is falling in and

painting is needed.  It was suggested to have a workshop to discuss.  Jamie suggested contacting the Carpenter’s Union to see if their apprentice

programs would be able to help.

OTHER  – Lynda said Fillmore Rentals has a backhoe for sale for $25,000.  Doug said M. G. Taylor has a good one for $35,000.  Lani moved we look into the backhoe M.G. Taylor is selling to see if we can get a better price,  Rita made the 2nd and the motion passed 4-1.

EXECUTIVE SESSION – Kathryn & Rita reported on their discussions with Doug and Logan.  Kathryn said Doug was using his personal computer and we need to look into one for the Cemetery.  The question of organization of files was brought up and Lisa volunteered to look through the files to see what the project would entail.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned until April 19, 2021.

Lynda Edmonds, Secretary



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