Due to the Covid-19 virus the Board of Trustees of the Bardsdale Cemetery District has made the decision to cancel the annual Memorial Day service this year.  According to research by Martha Gentry at the Fillmore Historical Museum the Memorial Day services were held as early as 1928.  The years 1928-1930 services were held in town and then there was a procession to the Bardsdale Cemetery where there was a prayer for those fallen in battle and a 3 gun salute. In 1931 services started to be held at the Cemetery,  At that time it was under the auspices of the American Legion and the Veterans Service Club.  We are unsure if they have continued every year since that time but it does establish that the tradition was set almost 100 years ago.

The traditional flags will be placed on the graves of Veterans this year and all are encouraged to come to the cemetery to decorate graves of loved ones.  We look forward to celebrating 90 years since services started at the cemetery next year.

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