Community Meeting October 16, 2019


Wednesday, October 16, 2019
6:30-7:30pm !

There were 14 people in attendance plus Board members. The Board
welcomed those present explained some of the problems we are facing
including lack of income and having to cut expenses. All board members
have family & friends in the cemetery and are doing the best they can with
limited funds.
* The parcel tax of $5 per parcel, not per household has been in effect
since established in 1981. A parcel with several apartments only pays
$5, El Dorado is 2 parcels so $10 for all of the residents there and that
is per year. !
Following is a list of concerns that were raised:
Water – not available to areas. If a water leak everything has to be
shut down as water comes out of reservoir. Electricity costs (pump
costs) are high along with fees paid to agencies in regards to the
Flower cans – missing or damaged. Many are stolen. Board suggested
a plastic cup and placing below the level of the grass. (cans cost the
Cemetery $9 each)
Manpower – The Board stated that due to finances the manager’s
hours have been decreased to 8-12 Tuesday-Friday and caretaker
hours are 4 hours a day 4 days a week. This has been done to reduce
Headstones – not being straight, and some having damage. !
The Board assured those present they would look into the concerns raised
and respond to the individuals. It was announced there would be more
community meetings and that Board meetings are the 3rd Monday of each
month and the public is invited to attend. !
Thank you to all who attended. To those that couldn’t make it, we look
forward to seeing you at our next community meeting – date to be

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